North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is looking to the future with a network of Cycle Superhighways that connect inner-city destinations, the city to its outskirts, city-centers to city-centers, homes to workplaces, and much more. The benefits of bicycle travel are compelling. It eases burdens on roads and the environment, it’s inexpensive, promotes health, and is fun! Pedelecs are also making bicycles a genuine alternative to cars over longer distances.

That's why we in North Rhine-Westphalia need an extensive, safe and high-quality network for bicycle travel. The premium product in bicycle travel is the Cycle Superhighway – wide, convenient connections that significantly shorten traveling times within and between cities. We are making progress in NRW by constructing seven major Cycle Superhighways with the first stretches already in operation!

"Cycle Superhighways need to be of a high quality to meet the changing function and expectations in bicycle travel – which is constantly growing and, in some respects, getting faster. Important criteria determining quality concern dimensions, potential speeds, traffic safety, development of intersection points, minimal gradients, and last but not least, service elements to make cycling over longer distances easier and more appealing." (Transport Minister Michael Groschek on 8 June 2016 before the state parliament).

Cycle Superhighways are also ideal as network and infrastructure elements in the long overdue quantum leap of fully exploiting the potential of bicycle travel. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia is setting down standards to ensure quality. It is also taking responsibility by providing public easement for Cycle Superhighways.

The seven Cycle Superhighways being planned denote the beginning of a new era and signal the way forward into the future.

Specific info

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The most important forms and quality criteria for Cycle Superhighways at a glance

Feasibility study – abstract
Feasibility study – abstract 1 MB

Abstract RS1 - Radschnellweg Ruhr – Promotor: Ruhr Regional Association (Regionalverband Ruhr), 2016


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